I’m Linley!


I became a mom pretty unexpectedly, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Having my son has lead to the biggest, most positive transformation in me, and I want that experience for you, too!

If I’m not studying for an exam or being the sole source of entertainment for my son, Finn, you can find me contorted on a yoga mat with poor form, eating another snack, or binge-watching a Netflix show with my husband, Zach.

I also really like Harry Potter. No lie, I rewrote the first Harry Potter novel from Luna Lovegood’s perspective once as a kid. No, I wasn’t very popular in high school, why do you ask?

My best hope is that this can be a safe space to explore a wide range of topics all surrounding motherhood: from the beginning before baby on through postpartum and beyond.

A few fun facts…

Ok, cool. But what can I do for you, Mama?

I can help you:

…ease your way into the brand new world of motherhood.

…grow in your self-awareness and maintain your individuality as a woman.

…learn ways to take-care of yourself, too.

…recognize that what you need is already inside of you!

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