Maternal mental health is unique. Women who become moms go though a life-changing experience, enduring some of their highest-highs and lowest-lows.

You are more than just a mom.  You’re a woman with unique needs that deserve to be met.  That is why maternal mental health is so important for brand new moms.  Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you have to abandon your needs in the process!

You spend all day meeting the needs of everyone else.  But mama, you deserve some of the love, too!

Figuring out what that looks like is a whole different story.  Don’t worry, I’m here to help! Much of self-care relates to meeting your needs, whatever they are, and learning about setting boundaries, finding your flow, and getting creative in your busy daily routine to fit in some time for yourself.

It is vital to learn healthy and productive ways to take care of yourself, and build your self-awareness to learn about your own strengths and weaknesses to allow you to thrive in your new role as a mom!

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Preparing mentally before baby is a super important task. Having a positive and open mindset is crucial to giving yourself the best start to motherhood!

I remember googling all kinds of things to prepare for being a mom.  Rarely did my searches include anything about creating a positive mindset, feeling overwhelmed at the unknown, or taking care of myself during this crazy time.  Gosh, if I could go back!

Let’s talk about your mental health as you prepare for baby.  Check out the posts below that talk all about this unique and sometimes scary time of your life.

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Having a baby changes everything. Your whole world is flipped upside down as your new normal takes over called postpartum.  And honestly, it’s truly a challenging yet amazing experience that I rave about.

The postpartum period for me was transformative.  I am a totally different person on the other side of it all.  If I could change anything, I wish I had been able to connect with other women going through the same stage with me.  My introverted, do it myself ways got the best of me!

Join other moms in navigating this new period in your life. Learn how to be yourself again while also accepting the new you!

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