How Practicing Meditation for Moms Improved My Self-Care and Saved My Sanity

How Practicing Meditation for Moms Improved My Self-Care and Saved My Sanity

Inside the article: Finding time for self-care as a mom can feel impossible, and when you do have the time, what do you do that will actually make you feel refreshed? Read about the power of meditation for moms, a practice that can take as few as 5 minutes per day and can truly improve your stress levels and overall mental health as a mom.

Filling Your Tank

When you’re spending all day taking care of kids and keeping a house from falling to the ground, it can feel impossible to find time for yourself. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: being a mom is a full-time job! The difference is that there are few breaks and the requirement to be “on” most of the day is truly exhausting.

Eventually, without consistent self-care or the refilling of your tank, you will hit a wall and have nothing left to give. Your cup will be empty. You will have reached the end of your rope.

Whatever metaphor you want to use, each says the same thing: you’re burnt out!

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So, how does a mom find the time to do something that fills her tank to prevent her from being burnt out or emotionally exhausted so that she can be the best mama for her kids and family?

Picture this: What if you didn’t need a lot of time? What if you could fit in micro self-care sessions all day long?

Sign me up! Introducing, meditation for moms!

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What is Meditation?

First, what is meditation?

Meditation is a practice that allows time for you to be in the present moment, allowing your thoughts to pass by and giving you space to focus on new, more positive or gratuitous thoughts. It is truly a practice of self-awareness in the best way.

I know many people have a misconception of meditation. I get it: before I learned what meditation really is, I pictured individuals in cross-legged positions chanting “ohm” and holding a pointer-thumb finger contortion in the air.

You do what you want with your body and voice during meditation, but the main focus is on the mind.

Which leads into the second vocabulary word of today’s post: mindfulness. You might have heard of being mindful before. In lay-mans terms, mindfulness is focusing on the present, your thoughts and needs in that moment, and doing this all with compassion.

Basically, you allow whatever feelings or emotions you are experiencing and you approach them with a mindset of “it’s all ok.”

Ahh, permission to feel how you feel and spend some time simply experiencing the present moment. Sounds amazing to me!

meditation for moms

How to Practice Meditation for Moms

So, how the heck can you get this serene, mindful experience I’ve just described when you have kids climbing your body like a jungle gym or a constant hum of little questions or cries? The best part of meditation is that it can be done in as few as 5 minutes at a time!

When do you have 5 minutes of quiet time for yourself? Probably not often, but think about these moments:

  • in your morning shower
  • while falling asleep at night
  • stretching after a quick workout

One of my favorite times to meditate is while I’m falling asleep. There is something so soothing about guided breathing and meditating over a certain phrase, like “I am grateful for this time to rest.” Not only is it relaxing and can put me to sleep in mere minutes, but it also rewires my brain to focus on the positives.

And that’s not the only benefit I’ve noticed. Meditation has helped curb my anxiety, and slows my heart rate when it gets a high during bouts of feeling anxious. It’s taught me how to self-regulate and breathe effectively to reduce stress. It also improves my sleep at night when I meditate before bed, and prevents as many racing thoughts when I’m ruminating on my day.

Others experience even more benefits than I have! With continued practice, you can feel more centered in the present moment and confident in your abilities to reduce stress and anxiety. I love it!

Meditation Resources

There are a number of resources that can help you get started with meditation. Here are my favorites!

Paid Meditation for Moms

  1. Peloton Meditation – Peloton is most known for their spin bikes, but the platform has far more to offer, including meditation! After getting the paid app for at-home workouts during quarantine, I soon discovered the 5-10 minute before-bed meditations and fell in love.
  2. Headspace App – Another paid subscription is Headspace. What I love about this app is it has meditation challenges, and allows you to meet goals and see your overall time spent on the app. It can be really motivating to see your progress!
    • This app subscription is free currently for healthcare workers in the United States!
  3. My Life App – I have not personally used this app, but in reviewing the features, I just might try it! This app focuses on tuning into your emotions while you meditate, and can be done over Alexa systems! Hands-free.

Free Meditation for Moms

  1. Insight Timer App – This app has over 55,000 free guided meditations to do. There are different lengths to choose from and has a section specifically dedicated to sleep. Definitely worth checking out!
  2. Simple Habit Sleep Meditation – The focus of this app is for busy people to build a 5 minute/day habit of meditation. This is the perfect place to start for a beginner! The app is available on Apple and Android platforms.
  3. Positive Psychology Mindfulness Activities – For someone who doesn’t want to have to rely on an app, this comprehensive list of activities can be done in your own head. My personal favorite is the Five Senses Exercise, because it can totally be done with lots of noise and without a single person knowing!

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meditation for moms

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