Self-Care Ideas for Moms: Finding Some “Me Time” Without Leaving the House

Self-Care Ideas for Moms: Finding Some “Me Time” Without Leaving the House

Ready to read? Self-care for moms can seem impossible while stuck in the house with littles. Learn about how you can meet different needs all from the comfort of home, and often in 15 minutes or less. You deserve it!

Not Another Self-Care Article

Alright, mamas. Here we are with another self-care article. If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen a few of these before. And perhaps had the same response: HAHA!

I always find myself laughing at some of the suggestions. Take a nap, they say. Put on some music and paint your nails, they say. Do a puzzle or start a new hobby, they say.

“They” must not have kids.

My fellow mamas know that these things are truly laughable. Self-care just doesn’t look like it used to, does it? No more sleeping in (what’s that?) or even eating a meal alone. You can’t paint your nails because they will be instantly ruined when your child starts using you as a jungle gym. And what is “quiet time?”

Before you go on, be sure to read my article on prioritizing self-care for stay-at-home moms. It’s a good lead in to some of the ideas I have for you today, and most importantly, puts you in the right mindset, even if you don’t stay at home all of the time.

…Cool, you’re back!

Let’s talk about some ways to establish some “me time,” so you can feel like more than just a mom. You’re a person, too, with feelings and needs that deserve to be met! And guess what? You don’t even have to leave the house! (Quarantine, anyone?)

Check out these self-care ideas for moms divided into categories below that each outline a need you may be wanting to meet.

Beauty Self-Care Ideas

Need: to feel pampered, taken care of, or like a real human for a minute

Take 5-10 minutes for these quick and easy beauty-related self-care ideas for moms. These can happen during your normal routines, so likely no one would even know you’re taking a few extra minutes to yourself! Your secret is safe with me.

  • Do a face mask in the shower. Pick one that’s quick-acting. Try one of these options.
  • Put on a little make-up to feel more put-together. Mascara and brows are my go-to!
  • Find a comfy outfit that feels like real clothes.
  • Do a lazy manicure: try imPress press on nails! Affordable and super quick.
  • Ask for a massage or a back-scratch. Let the kids help!

Emotional Self-Care Ideas

Need: to feel like your needs matter and can be put first, to eliminate some negative emotions, or be more in-tune with your feelings.

Gosh, sometimes it feels good to say “no,” doesn’t it? Let’s talk about a few ways you can meet your emotional needs in the in-between of someone else constantly needing you. Say “yes” to you!

  • Allow yourself a mini meltdown. Have a quick cry in the bathroom, it’s ok!
  • Focus on your breathing, and do a short guided meditation (5-10 minutes is perfect)
  • Cancel something minor on your calendar. I’m talking that catch-up call you’re just not feeling today. Reschedule!
  • Make a list of a few stressors in your week. Find an affirmation to repeat to yourself. For example: I am strong and capable.
  • Find a creative outlet to try. Try a new recipe, bake cookies, write a story, etc.

Spiritual Self-Care Ideas

Need: to feel more connected to God, get in touch with your soul, or feel more connected to the world

Perhaps my favorite category is spiritual self-care ideas because these are truly possible to do while wrangling the kiddos or playing on the floor. Try out these spiritual self-care ideas for moms!

  • Put on a worship music playlist with your favorite songs
  • Find a podcast that speaks to you (try Good Life Project or Journeywomen)
  • Take a stab at simple journalling. Example: write down 3 things you’re grateful for at the end of each day. Do it on your phone!
  • Lead yoga with your littles. You don’t have to be a pro. Just do some simple stretches together.
  • Find an outdoor activity to do, like a walk in the neighborhood or setting up a picnic blanket on the front lawn.

Productive Self-Care Ideas

Need: to feel like you’re accomplishing something, to feel more in control, or moderate some boredom

I feel bleh when I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything. And that might seem awfully silly when I’m watching my son all day long, but I’m talking about accomplishing something for me! Here are a few things you can work toward that help you feel productive.

  • Choose a small area of the house to organize. The playroom is always a good start!
  • Listen to a self-help book on Audible, and make a list of some of the suggestions.
  • Take the first 30 minutes of nap time to get a small chore done (load the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry, etc.). Then, take the remainder of time to relax — balance!
  • Look at Pinterest, dream up some DIY ideas to try, and order the supplies.
  • Read more self-improvement articles, and pick a goal for the week.

Connection Self-Care Ideas

Need: to feel connected to other adults, have space to vent about feelings, or feel understood or comforted by close others

Although I’m an introvert, sometimes I just need to feel connected to others around me. Being a mom can be really isolating, so it’s imperative that you to keep up with your social connections, whatever that looks like!

  • Text a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.
  • FaceTime your best friend and let the kids join in to say “hi!”
  • Schedule a girls night out over Zoom. Just putting it on the calendar feels good!
  • Find a moms group to join, whether virtual, in-person, or in blog form. Spoiler alert: you’re already on a mom blog! Join us!
  • Spend intentional time with your pet. I never said you just have to connect with a human!

Get Your Needs Met, Too!

Mama, your needs matter, and it can seem impossible to meet them while stuck in the house with the kids. Try some of these self-care ideas for moms, and reflect on what is different about your week. Do you feel more empowered, relaxed, or loved? I hope so!

Want more ideas? Join the monthly newsletter to stay on track with your self-care. Even receiving the newsletter and taking a moment to yourself is a great self-care activity. Do it for you!


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