Social Media Mamas You Need to Follow in 2020

Social Media Mamas You Need to Follow in 2020

Inside the article: Here, I outline the top 5 social media mamas to follow today. Each has its place in my feed, and I can’t recommend their advice, realness, and relatability enough!

Social media can be a nightmare. A world of comparison, unrealistic expectations, and criticism. For this reason, I’ve taken many social media breaks and limited my time on my favorite apps, especially in this time where my mental health has suffered.

Wait. Where do we go from bashing social media to recommending accounts to follow? Well, I do think there is some good to the online world, and these ladies have shown this sentiment to be true.

So, what should you look for when finding mamas to follow online? For me, I appreciate authenticity and a mama who shows all sides of herself, even the bad ones. I want things other than just mom advice, too, like great baby products or even bump fashion!

Whether you want pregnancy advice or just another person to relate to, here are my top 5 social media mamas to follow in 2020.

#1 – Casey Holmes

Casey and her husband, Davis, and sweet son, Mason, are the epitome of an adorable family. Right before I got pregnant (read my story here), I found her channel as she documented her first pregnancy. It was so fun to follow along with her, as she was a trimester ahead of me. It helped me know what to expect!

Casey isn’t your typical mama influencer. She also has wonderful fashion sense and beautiful make-up skills. She also owns her own boutique, Rosie Daze, and makes Comfort Colors look like Gucci. So cozy! Her platform is the perfect mesh of both worlds!

Follow her on Instagram and YouTube.

#2 – Loverly Grey aka Brittany

One of my best friends showed me Brittany’s page, and both of us didn’t even have kids yet! Brittany is so sweet. She has two baby girls and always has the best fashion advice for how to dress “the bump.” Honestly, she finds all of the best sales!

Another real mama influencer (seeing a pattern, yet?), Brittany also talks about home decor and daily life. She is one of few who I spend significant time watching her stories.

Follow her on Instagram or check out her blog.

#3 – Ali Fedotowsky

You might remember her from the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, but I just can’t get over how nice she seems! While not a traditional “mommy blogger,” Ali always keeps it real with potty training woes and poop fiascoes. I feel like I’m in good company when I watch her stories!

Ali is also a working mom who shows the real challenges of balancing home and work life. I’m also on the edge of my seat as they are planning their move from Los Angeles to Nashville. I live vicariously through other people’s big moves, don’t judge me!

Follow her on Instagram or check out her blog.

#4 – Mada Leigh Lavey

So many wonderful things to say about this mama! I originally found her when searching for baby-led weaning resources, and honestly, it was like having a friend show me the ropes. I watched her with her first daughter, Temple, and am enjoying the reminder with her new daughter, Bobbie.

Mada is amazing to watch if you want clean living tips or are planning a natural home birth. She is all about eating healthy and posts live workouts weekly. Also fun fact, she and I went to the same college (and even spent a bit of our time there together, though we never met!).

Follow her on Instagram or check out her blog.

#5 – Jamie Otis Hehner

Another Bachelor alumna, Jamie is the true definition of real. There are no secrets on her page. She’s a huge advocate for loving yourself and your body, and is a walking example of the 1 in 4 women who experience miscarriage. She had many rounds of fertility issues, but now has two sweet babies, a girl, Henley, and a son, Hendrix.

Follow her on Instagram.

Social Media Moms to Follow

I hope you love these powerful ladies as much as I do! I’ll be sure to continue adding to this list as I stumble upon more. Who are some of your favorite mamas to follow? Let me know!

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